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Bamboo Floor Installation
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A fully licensed and insured flooring contractor from New Jersey Flooring is the perfect person to talk to regarding your new bamboo floors. They can answer any questions you might have about this exciting new building material. To speak to a professional fill out a request for free quotations. Within minutes you will have access to our database which includes contractors who specialize in installing bamboo floors.

Installing bamboo flooring is a great option. Bamboo has a number of features which makes it an excellent purchase. To begin, bamboo is extremely tough and durable, making it resistant to dents and scratches. Thus, bamboo floors are best suited for high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, though they are perfectly suitable to use in any room of the house or office.

Another positive aspect of bamboo flooring installation is that bamboo is resistant to both water and insects. Moisture and pests are two of the leading factors that contribute to the degeneration of hardwood floors, so this is another reason why it’s an excellent choice. Yet another benefit of bamboo is that it is environmentally friendly. Technically, bamboo isn’t a type of tree but a type of grass. It grows at a much faster rate than other woods such as oak, cherry or maple. As a result, harvesting bamboo has much less of an environmental impact than traditional building materials.

These are just some of the reasons to consider installing bamboo flooring. The friendly, knowledgeable flooring contractors from New Jersey Flooring can provide you with more information and a free flooring estimate. To get started, fill out our simple form.