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Engineered Wood Floor Installation
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New Jersey Flooring is the right place to begin your next engineered wood flooring project. Our professional contractors are knowledgeable about all aspects of this new and exciting flooring. Fill in the form at the bottom of the screen to speak to professionals about the right look for your home or place of business.

Planning on installing engineered flooring?

In the excitement to have the look and feel of new hardwood floors in their home, many prudent people are willing to sacrifice a little bit of quality for a whole lot of savings. Engineered wood flooring installation is and easy choice because engineered floorings provides real wood at affordable prices! How is that possible?

The secret lies in the two-part technology behind engineered hardwood flooring. The base layer is constructed of plywood. This type of wood is very low-cost, but that’s not to say it is inferior. In fact, it provides superior strength and stability because it is laid perpendicular to the top layer of wood. The top layer is made from a layer of authentic hardwood flooring. A thin strip of maple, oak, bamboo, cherry, etc. is placed on top of the plywood layer. That means what you see will be identical in appearance to hardwood floors but at a much lower cost. Feel free to not say a word when your friends and family ask how you could afford such beautiful, new wood floors

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