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Laminate Floor Installation
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New Jersey Flooring will instantly put you in touch with professional contractors who are experts at installing laminate floors. While hardwood is the king of flooring, laminate should also be strongly considered by any homeowner considering a flooring upgrade. The thing to remember about installing laminate flooring is the number of options it provides the homeowner. This versatile flooring offers many some key advantages over a variety of other flooring materials, including wood.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to installing laminate flooring is value. They cost a fraction of what wood, ceramic tile, and even some carpet material costs.

Another reason to install laminate floors is the variety of styles available. The print layer can appear however you want. Laminate tile flooring, laminate wood flooring, or Swiss scrape laminate flooring are all available styles. Installing wood laminate flooring is a cheaper way to get the classic look of hardwood floors in your home. Laminate floors can also be made to match stone, tile and other materials, providing the homeowner with unmatched choice.

Laminate flooring is ideal for high traffic areas such as a family room, living room, dining room, den or bedroom. Laminate floor installation is wise in rooms where water and spills can be an issue, too. It can easily be used in the bathroom or kitchen because of its resistance to water. As long as the edges of the floor are sealed well with tub and tile caulking you are safe to spill, leave liquid sitting, allow for the occasional pet accident, or anything else you can dish out.

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